As promised at the end of the ClubHouse session I am sharing the notes of the discussion, in case you missed some points or you could not make it all!

Also, I have recently published a short “guide to pre-seed in Europe” if you want to check it out:

On the growth and persistence of pre-seed rounds in EU….

…in the last ~24 months, there has been a very strong influx of capital in the earliest stages and pretty much every investor is trying to get into exciting companies as early as possible. …

What comes before the seed??

This article is for all the founders and investors who want to know more about a *relatively* new kind of financing round, the so-called “pre-seed”. Much has been written for Seed and Series A (arguably the most popular rounds) but pre-seed is a not-so-covered topic in comparison. More specifically, I would like to provide data (mostly EU-focused) and arguments trying to answer the following questions:

“what is a pre-seed round?”

“how much can I raise in a pre-seed round?”

how much dilution is OK for a pre-seed round?”

“what does it take to raise a pre-seed round?”

“who should I…

When was the last time that your employer did something good for the community they are part of?

What was the last volunteering project you did?

What good cause did you and your employer support this year?

If you don´t have good answers to these questions, maybe you and your employer need Deed.

Today we are very proud to announce that we led a Series Seed round in Deed together with a band of great angels. Deed develops an enterprise-grade software solution for CSR and sustainability departments. Here below we shed some light on why we decided to invest.


One of the biggest workforce paradigm shifts ever

Before March 2020 many of us knew someone who was working remote or has heard of companies that even went “full remote” i.e. they did not have an office and all their employees worked from home, but I would say that they were considered an exception to the common rule of “physical-only” office work. Fast forward to today and ~500M people have been catapulted into full remote set-ups.

To visualize the magnitude of this sudden change, data on Zoom usage could help:

🥑 Holy Moly Guacamole! 🥑

This is potentially one of the biggest and quickest paradigm…

After taking a handful of days off at the beginning of January to recharge batteries we carved out some time to look back at 2018 and boy what a year 2018 was! In a 60 seconds summary: we invested in 6 new portfolio companies, had 1 exit, welcomed amazing new follow-up investors in our portfolio and moved to a new office. Also, we had to write-off one portfolio company, may you rest in peace Lesara (we will spare your time by writing the 100th article about it, there is enough material in the media).

New investments


Together with EQT Ventures we…

Arguably Bitcoin and Blockchain might be about to / have already reached their escape velocity point. Or they are approaching the point where the bubble burst. I don´t know and I cannot predict that, but for sure the interest around this technology has become too big to ignore for everyone.

Source: Coindesk,,

Therefore, I thought it is now a good point in time to try to map out the German Blockchain ecosystem.

  • What is a public product road map?

A Public Product Road Map [PPRM] is a document that companies share publicly in order to show the developement plans of the product and/or ask for feedback to its users.

To write this blog post we built a database of 50 public product road maps. We decided to share it publicly. Please note that this post is about public product road maps only.

If your company has a public product road map or if you know a company that does, please feel free to add it in the database by putting a comment…

One common topic among Venture Capital professionals is dealflow management and the reality is that funds use a variety of tools to fit their own process flow:

  • Email inbox (I kid you not)
  • CRM tools (Base, Salesforce, Pipedrive,, Microsoft Dynamics)
  • Customers support tools (, Zendesk)
  • Dealflow Management tools (Sevanta Dealflow, Caplinked)
  • Internally-developed solutions

Every solution has its own merits and pitfalls and we tried many solutions in the years. It was not an easy choice as we wanted a tool that is: flexible, easy to use, complete, mobile/desktop and…cheap. …

You can download the GANTT chart template here

When we invest in a company we always sit down together and look at the next 100 days/6 months together.

We found out that a good way to do it is to define a GANTT chart where we put down activities, activities owners and timeframes.

Given our positive experiences with this template I wanted to share it with you to help you to structure your kick-off meetings, board meetings, team meetings etc.

My suggestion is to use it as a middle layer between your long term roadmap and your daily to-do list.

We are very proud of the latest company in the Paua family. Homeday created a marketplace that matches property owners with their best fitting real estate agent, using a proprietary algorithm. Before sending the lead to the agents Homeday qualifies and enriches the lead. After having connected the two parties, Homeday assists them up until the closing.

Also we have already properly celebrated with the team.

We are very thrilled to start working with Dmitri, Philipp and Steffen. Also we would like to share with our community why we have decided to join forces with them.

  1. Team — The…

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